Question of the Week: Do Previews Really Matter?

Posted: July 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

Do Previews Really Matter?

Typically, when a client works with a monument company to purchase a memorial for a loved one, they are presented with thousands upon thousands of design options to choose from. Once they have decided upon the exact designs they would like included on the monument, the sales person will create a sketch of the layout for the client to approve.

While this allows the client to have an idea of what the completed monument will look like, it doesn’t allow them to see exactly how the fonts and the designs are going to look together. When only the sketch is provided for the client to approve, there is the the risk that they will not be happy with the completed monument. And, once the granite has been sandblasted or laser etched, there is no way to remove the design and lettering.

So, instead of risking disappointing our clients, we have gone the extra step to begin creating previews that appear as close as possible to how the completed monument will look. Typically, a picture of the actual monument that is being purchased is used to create the preview, allowing the clients to see exactly how the lettering and designs will appear on the exact stone they have purchased. By creating a preview which shows the exact designs and layout, we can quickly and easily make even the smallest adjustments: whether it is moving the placement of lettering or a design by just a few inches, changing the font, replacing a design, etc. Our previews ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied with the completed monument.

In order to understand how exactly the preview allows our client to ensure they are satisfied with the layout, take a look at the below examples of a preview provided to our client for approval.  A photo of the actual completed monument is beneath it.

Preview Approval Form

Bouknight Updated Fianl Preview Approval Form

Photo of Completed Marker

BOUKNIGHT Completed Stone Image


Mike, the owner here at Mike’s Laser Etching/Sartin Memorials began going the extra mile a few years ago to be sure that what we showed our clients at the time of purchase was what their monument would actually look like when the went to visit it for the first time in the cemetery. One of the biggest steps was sending both Heather & Sara to school in order to obtain their Graphic Design certificate and/or degree. Anyone who has followed our work over the past  years has noticed the gradual increase in quality as Heather, and then Sara, mastered the art of Graphic Design and began to learn how to apply their skills to memorial monuments.

All of this being said, YES, our Previews DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

We believe our Previews  allow us to give our clients EXACTLY what it is they want. What better way to create the monument they were envisioning than to be able to create a completely customized design using a variety of pictures, images and designs?



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