Learning The Language: Foundations/Footers

Posted: June 25, 2014 in Uncategorized


Anytime a monument is installed in the cemetery, a foundation will be placed beneath it. A foundation, also known as a footer, is cement which is the same width as the base of the monument, and several inches thick. The purpose of a foundation is to prevent the monument from sinking into the ground as the dirt around the monument settles, as it naturally does.

Although Sartin Memorials/Mike’s Laser Etching is more than happy to lay the foundation when the monument is delivered and installed at the cemetery, there are some cemeteries which do not allow outside companies to lay them. In these cases, we typically include the cost of the foundation in the total cost of the monument and deal directly with the cemetery to order and pay for the foundation. This not only ensures that the correct size foundation is ready upon delivery, but takes a bit more work off the shoulders of the family who has recently lost a loved one.


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