Heather, our General Manager, forwarded an article to me that she had seen attached to an email from a web design business we were working with. What this article says is so very true, not only for a web design business, but also when it comes to purchasing a memorial monument. So, we wanted to share it with you.

To see the original article, visit the following link:



The original article states that the above image is a web designer’s holy grail. Well, it is also a monument designers! It is not possible to have all three: Fast, Good and Cheap. A client must choose only two of these options.


You have a deadline and need the monument to be installed prior to the typical 8-12 weeks we promise to have your monument completed in. You also want your monument to be the highest quality granite, with a custom design, so it is truly a reflection of your loved one. Great! We will make your monument our first priority and push it ahead of all the other orders we are currently working on. Until your monument is completed and installed, we will focus all of our energy on making sure it is done not only on time, but is the highest quality work possible. However, if you choose Good & Fast, you must accept that you will be paying top dollar for your monument or there may be an express fee (decided on a case by case bases). Once you see your monument installed in just a few short days or weeks and can really appreciate the amazing design, you will realize that it was worth it!


You still want the highest quality monument, but you want it at a discounted price. We can certainly work with you to ensure you are getting what you want AND what you can afford. However, in choosing Good & Cheap, you must be willing to be patient. We will need to work with those clients who are paying top dollar in order to see their monument completed quickly. You patience will be rewarded but we do ask that you remember that by choosing Good & Cheap, you are agreeing that your monument will not be our first priority and that we can not promise an installation date earlier than the typical 12-16 weeks.


This isn’t truly an option for our clients. We do not feel comfortable providing a product that is not the highest quality available. However, we still want our clients to realize that if you are offered a monument that is both fast and cheap, or you are in search of the same, you are not going to be purchasing a monument that your loved one deserves. This is by far the least favorable choice of the three, and if you do decide to choose this option, please keep in mind that the company you are purchasing your monument from is likely not reputable.


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