Does It Matter That Mike’s Laser Etching/Sartin Memorials Is a Direct Granite Importer?

Posted: June 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

Does It Matter That Mike’s Laser Etching/Sartin Memorials Is a Direct Granite Importer?


Being a direct granite importer makes a huge difference to not only us as a company, but also to you, the consumer. A Direct Granite Importer works directly with the quarries around the world to purchase the specific type of granite which is quarried at their site. (To learn more about this, visit our “Where Does Granite Come From” blog linked below.) Mike’s Laser Etching/Sartin Memorials has spent many of the past 40 years building strong relationships with the hundreds of quarries which cover the entire planet in order to ensure that our clients receive not only a beautiful and unique monument, but that they are purchasing that monument at the best possible price.

Mike’s Laser Etching/Sartin Memorials being a Direct Granite Importer is similar to if Walmart were to purchase their produce directly from the local farmers. Think about all the different channels produce must go through to get from the local farms, to Walmart’s shelves for you to purchase. Each of those different channels must earn a profit for their part in the process, thus increasing the cost to the consumer. By cutting out these “Middle Men”, we ensure that there are no added costs to our clients.

In addition to the difference in cost, there is also the added benefit of being able to instruct the sculpturers at the quarries to create custom designed monuments. Those monument companies you do not work directly with the quarries must pick and choose from monuments which have already been created and shipped to their local supplier. Here at Mike’s Laser Etching/Sartin Memorials, we are able to work with our clients to design a completely customized monument, which we then send an image and details of to the quarry in order for the monument to be created.


It is our overall goal at Mike’s Laser Etching/Sartin Memorials, to create the monument which ensures you feel connected to your loved one when you go to visit their resting place. Essentially, a memorial monument is the legacy that is left for generations to come, which allows them to understand not only who this person was during their life, but also what they meant to those who loved them. What better way to express this then through a 100% custom monument?

To learn more about our products and how to order, please visit our website at or call 877-836-0332.


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