Granite Benches

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Do you like to visit your loved one’s final resting place and sit there with them for a while? Do you have a memorial garden for a loved one who was cremated or who’s final resting place is not local? Or, would you just like a customized bench to place in your yard to add a little something? Among many others, these are all the perfect situations in which to purchase a granite bench.

woman laying in cemetery

Our granite benches come in many different styles, sizes and colors. Determining which bench to purchase really depends on your individual situation and your vision for the final product.

Bench with Back

The most popular bench colors are jet black, midnight black and gray. Again, it is up to you to determine which color will best suit your needs. As with our other products, the color will be a factor in determining whether the bench can be sandblasted or laser etched. For more information on Sandblasting and Laser Etching, read our blog:

Bench Gray

Also, just like our monuments, there are several different styles of benches. We have the “Park Style” benches, which have a back and arm rests, or we have the “Flat” bench, which is only the seat and legs. Every part of these benches can have a design added to them. However, only one surface is included with the purchase price of the bench (unless otherwise specified or agreed upon). We have worked with clients who have laser etched a design on every surface of the bench, include the legs and arm rests. As with any design, it is all up to the client and what they would like to see on the finished product.

Back of Bench


Cremation Bench Heart

In addition to the regular granite benches, we also offer Cremation Benches. Two of the most popular Cremation Bench styles are the “Heart Bench” and the “Cremation Bench”.  On both of these benches, the cremains would be placed under the seat of the bench. We have found that people often like to use these benches in a cemetery, so that their cremated loved ones can rest with their loved ones who have be traditionally buried. When used in this manner, the names of all those interred in the plot and bench can be added to the bench. For  those clients who do not wish to install the bench in a cemetery, it can be installed where ever they choose, adding whatever names and designs they choose. Most often, these benches are used in a Memorial Garden.

Cremation Bench Black

To learn more about our Granite Benches and to see additional images of completed benches, visit our website at:, or give us a call at 877-836-0332.


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