Question of the Week: What Do You Mean By “Custom Designs Available”?

Posted: November 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

What Do You Mean By “Custom Designs Available”?

Here at Mike’s Laser Etching/Sartin Memorials, we understand that not everyone is going to find something they like in our Design Catalog. (To review our current designs, please visit for our Laser Etched Catalog and for our Traditional Sandblast Catalog) Although we have a large variety of designs, we know that some of our clients may request a design which is not yet available in our catalog, or in any other companies catalog for that matter. It is for this reason that our Graphic Artists offer to create a custom design on any monument which is purchased.

By offering this in house service at no additional cost, we are able to ensure that our clients receive the monument they had imagined and that they are 100% satisfied with the completed design.

We are able to create custom laser etched and sandblasted designs. Occasionally, we are able to locate a design online that fits the clients needs. We use these designs as a starting point and then go in to add or remove different aspects in order to get the exact design the client has requested. Once we have completed the design, we typically add it to our design catalog in order to allow other clients to use the design on their monuments as well. We are very proud of the designs we have created and very much enjoy this aspect of our jobs. 

Please feel free to ask about a custom design for your monuments if you are unable to locate the perfect design to include on the monument you have purchased. As always, we look forward to working with you to create a unique and beautiful monument for your loved one!

Below are examples of two custom designs we have created, one laser etched and the other sandblasted.

Custom Laser Etched Design:


The following images were used to create this design:






Custom Sandblast Design:


The following images were used to create this custom design:


This is the original image found. The client advised that he wanted a butterfly bush, with 4 Monarch Butterflies on the back of the monument.





Due to the monument being Blue Pearl, we recommended that the design and lettering be sandblasted rather than laser etched. Because of this, the lines on the butterfly bush had to be thickened and the butterflies which were added could not have as much details.

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